Monday, August 28, 2017


The USCIS on Friday announced that all employment-based Adjustment of Status applicants (Form I-485) will now be subject to an in-person interview before the USCIS approves the green card.  Politico first reported the story.

This is a colossal waste of everyone’s time and money.  It shows this Presidential administration’s complete disregard for government efficiency when they have the option to pander to their base.  The USCIS is using “extreme vetting” as the rationale for this new in-person interview requirement.  In reality of course, his administration is anti-immigrant and uses any excuse it can muster to inconvenience and harass contributing immigrants.

How stupid is this policy change?  Employment-based I-485 applicants will have already been in the United States for years before this useless interview.  For instance, most Indian-born nationals average 10-15 years of US status before they are eligible to receive the green card.  Any damage that they wished upon the US would surely have happened in the 10-15 years before that interview.  Terrorists, as a class, are not the type of people who work at a gainful job for years, diligently file countless immigration papers, and have no criminal record, all of which is required before any such interview would happen.

The USCIS knows this, which is why they long-ago waived the interview requirement for employment-based immigrants.  Back then, USCIS recognized that in a government of scarce resources, its scarce resources could much better be used to find real threats to US.  This policy change reveals just how tone deaf the President is as to who actually contributes to the richness of American life and who are the actual threats. 


  1. Any idea if this is applicable only to new 485 applicants or those who have already filed and waiting for their PD to get current again?

    1. It appears to be for all cases, although the USCIS has yet to formally release the policy guidance.

    2. Truly a sad state,Remotely reminds me of how
      Nazi's tightened the freedom over Jews, I wish I had placed my heart to a different county 15 years ago,then this great nation which is slowly turning Monkey House in a Zoo.

      I also wonder who will be subjected to this anxiety inducing and joy robbing treatment, pending ones with current PD (10-15 years wait ) or News filers? Got to love Trump and his advisers !

    3. Does this applies to replacement or renewal of green card too?

    4. No - this is just for the initial green card

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