Friday, April 3, 2020


USCIS announced that it has received “nearly” 275,000 H-1B cap registration during the March 1-20 filing period, including petitions filed for the advanced degree exemption.  This is considerably more than the 190,000 H-1B petitions received during the April 2018 (Fiscal Year 2019) filing period and 201,000 during the April 2019 (FY 2020) filing period.

USCIS is in the process of notifying H-1B cap lottery winners.  Based on the Congressional H-1B cap of 85,000 H-1B cap winners, Petitioners should expect about 31% of their H-1B cap filings to be H-1B cap winners because Congress only allows the USCIS to approve H-1B cap petitions.  H-1B winners have 90 days to submit their full H-1B cap petition to the USCIS. 

MU Law’s numbers track the USCIS macro-number.  So far, we have received notice that about 30% of our total registrations are H-1B cap winners.  MU Law is in the process of contacting H-1B winners. 

Unlike in past years, the USCIS will continue to update the H-1B cap winners list.  Therefore, additional winners may be added throughout the spring and summer.  USCIS is not expected to contact any H-1B lottery losers until all 85,000 approval notices are issued or the end of the 2021 fiscal year.


  1. Good day atty.
    AAIHR announced that the congress will try to recapture more than 4.5 millions unused visas for healthcare professional. Would it mean that they will approve more petitions ?

  2. It's only a proposal at this stage, but we are working on something.

  3. Hi atty.
    I hope that what you are working is a great news to all of us ( nurses) . Thank you and more power.


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