Wednesday, July 20, 2011


For the last two years, MU Law has sponsored the Philipine Nurses Association of America's 5K fun run at their Annual Convention. This year's Convention and fun run was in San Francisco.

MU Law is honored to be associated with such a great organization. Visit the MU Law Facebook page for more photos of this event.


  1. Hi Chris
    what is your opinion about new FY?Do you think the trend will be slower or faster for EB3ROW?
    I have heard that the trend would be faster for us .Do you think Eb3ROW ,Mexico and Philippine will move together?
    thank you for your reply

  2. Hi Negaresh,
    I do think that EB3 ROW and the Mex, and Phils number will continue to move in lock-step. These numbers have stayed in lock-step for quite a long time (7 years? Longer?).
    My sense is that the numbers will move until they reach July 2007, and then slow down.

  3. Thank you for your reply .
    You always have been kind to me Chris

  4. Hi Chris
    Whould you please let me know that the pd is the time of approval of I-140 or starting of I-140.
    thanks inadvance

  5. It is the starting of the I-140. If you looks at your I-140 approval notice you will see a Priority Date box where it should list the PD.

  6. Ok, thanks
    I saw it .It is the 19th of October 2006.My process was started on second of October 2006 and my company paid for premium processing at that time and my process was finished on 19th of october 2006.Maybe because of the premium processing ,my pd is different!!!!!


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