Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Department of State has just released the August 2011 Visa Bulletin. Each category was promoted about one month.

Aug 2011 Visa Bulletin
All Other CountriesChina IndiaMexico
EB-2Current 15APR0715APR07Current


  1. Hi Chris
    DO you think that there is any chance for EB3ROW with leap forward movement on september 2011.
    In the last three month only mexico have had this fast movement ,which bring us hopelessness.
    I will be glad if you give me your opinion about this matter.
    thanks for your helpful information .

  2. @Negarsh,
    I do not expect any major leap forward in September, unfortunately.

  3. @MU Law

    Any chance of taking up the HR 1929 bill by this congress either in 2011 or 2012? From various blogs I understand there is going to be large cut in spending on education. If HR 1929 is passed it will not only help the RNs & PTs waiting but will also help in educating American Nurses to meet the growing shortage. Is any lobbying effort going on?

  4. It doesn't seem likely that HR 1929 has much of a chance

  5. hi chris, just wanna ask, my nclex has expired a year ago and ca board won't extend it, when the time comes that i have my consular interview would that be any problem. hope you could enlighten me. thanks


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