Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Musillo Unkenholt is pleased to report that the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act has been introduced into the Senate and assigned S. 3599.

The bill is up to six co-sponsors! 

Three Republicans: David Perdue (GA), Todd Young (IN), and John Cornyn (TX).
Three Democrats: Dick Durbin (IL), Chris Coons (DE), and Patrick Leahy (VT).

We expect to continue to grow this strong base of original co-sponsors.  We shortly will be announcing a companion bill in the House, with another impressive group of House members.

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  1. I applied for GC (140 approved) and my wife is physician on H1B (ddint apply for GC yet). Will this act apply for me?

    1. The approved I-140 must be from the MD or RN.

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  3. How long does it usually takes for a bill to be approved in congress?

    1. There is no "usually". But I think that this bill will succeed or fail in the next two months.

  4. Should we start asking employer to sponsor EB3 for a nurse right now? I am a bit concerned the time window from prevailing wage to Perm approval and to 140/385 submission.

    1. Sure. But there is no PERM for a nurse.

  5. Respected sir, You forgot the Respiratory Therapist (RT’s) who are very important and frontline members in your bill, please do addendum and include Respiratory Therapist to your bill and this is very important and key role for the bill.

    I am a Respiratory Therapist (RT) from New Jersey. This COVID 19 pandemic is mainly a Respiratory viral Infection and a Respiratory Therapist is one of the vital frontline member and play’s very important role in caring of pt’s airway management and mainly placing the patients on Artificial Ventilation by using Mechanical Ventilator’s . Respiratory Therapist’s are holding a special diploma and Bachelors degree in the field of Respiratory Care, RT profession in USA is holding a credential body The National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC), RT need to pass certified and Registered Respiratory Therapy, CRT and RRT credential’s to practice in USA. RT has in-depth knowledge on how to provide Respiratory Care services including in-depth knowledge on how to operate Mechanical ventilator’s, only the physicians like Pulmonalogist, Intensive care specialists and Allied Health Professionals like Respiratory Therapist has in-depth knowledge on how to handle artificial ventilation including initiation of artificial ventilation, monitoring the patients on ventilator and trouble shooting the mechanical ventilator’s. Mainly RT’s will take care airway and ventilatory management in the hospitals as we are certified professionals we have in-depth knowledge on how to provide a high quality, safe mechanical/artificial ventilation.

    We are facing a huge shortage of Respiratory Therapist mainly during this COVID 19 pandemic. RT’s also works in ICU’s, Emergency rooms to assist or intubate the patients (placement of artificial airway to ventilate the patients) if required to initiate artificial ventilation, transporting the ventilator depend patient’s, providing breathing treatments, RT’s also works in pulmonary function labs for diagnostic testing, and RT’s also works in sleep labs.

    USA need more RT’s along with the RN’s mainly during this kind of pandemic’s .
    Please do the Addendum to your bill and include just two words “Respiratory Therapist” in the bill.

    As a Respiratory Therapist I can strongly say that we have in-depth knowledge in providing mechanical ventilation and we are certified and pass the boards to perform this job.

    I hope you understand the realty that RT’s are mandatory to include this bill and you will include us with a simple addendum.


    Registered Respiratory Therapist, NJ


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