Wednesday, August 7, 2019


CGFNS International, the US’ issuer on Visa Screens for nurses and other allied healthcare professions, has issued a letter to its Pennsylvania senators expressing concern over S.386 Fairness bill.  That bill would decimate healthcare immigration into the US, as explained in our March blog post.  The letter also notes that the American Hospital Association and the Philippine Nurses Association of America also do not support the bill.

The letter, which is signed by CGFNS President and CEO Franklin Shaffer, explains that while the bills’ aims are understandable, the consequence of the bill would be to create visa retrogressions for every country.  Shaffer asks that the bill is modified to ensure that healthcare professionals, including nurses, are not negatively impacted by this bill. 

There has been an intense effort to modify the bill to protect US patients by continuing to allow badly needed nurses and healthcare professionals into the US.  A competitive bill, sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul and titled the BELIEVE Act, would meet both aims: eliminate the unfair per country quotas, while still allowing nurses and healthcare professionals into the US. 

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