Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Sen. Ran Paul (R-KY) has introduced a bill, the BELIEVE Act, that greatly improves the US employment-based visa system. 

Sen. Rand Paul’s act expands employment-based immigration visas, provides additional visas for Schedule A shortage occupations, ends per-country caps on employment-based immigration green cards, and allow spouses and children of temporary workers to legally work.  All while still providing all the same protections for American workers in an economy where nearly every qualified American worker currently has a job.

As the Cato Institute says, the

The BELIEVE Act would do more to move the United States toward a merit-based system than any other legislation introduced this congress. No legislation since the 2013 immigration reform bill that passed the Senate would increase skilled immigration more than this bill. A fourfold increase in employment-based permanent immigration would bring the United States more in line with the Canadian system.

Importantly, the BELIEVE Act considers the needs of US healthcare patients.  It provides additional visas for nurses and physical therapists, which will help all Americans, especially in rural communities where the nursing shortage is most dire.

For instance, Chattanooga area healthcare facilities and hospitals just announced that they cannot find nurses, despite Chattanooga area schools producing 500 nurses per year and despite more than 6,500 registered nurses living in the county.  CHI Memorial is now offering $20,000 sign-on bonuses to new nurses.  These shortages are rampant throughout the US.

Sen. Paul should be commended for producing legislation that serves all interests needs, except those who want to restrict immigration into the US.  Musillo Unkenholt strongly supports this bill.  If you are a healthcare facility or hospital who is willing to help support this bill, please contact Chris.

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