Monday, July 30, 2018


On July 30, the USCIS announced that it will delay the implementation of a recent memo regarding the issuance of Notices To Appear (NTAs) to foreign national who fall out of status when their immigration petition is denied.  The issuance of an NTA initiates deportation proceedings.

On June 28, 2018 the USCIS issued a new policy memorandum which instructed USCIS Officers to initiate deportation proceedings for those foreign nationals’ whose immigration petition was denied after their I-94 card had already expired.  Generally, when the USCIS creates a new policy the USCIS delays implementation of the policy until a guidance memo can be issued.  The June 28, 2018 memo did not give a date specific on which the policy would be implemented, meaning it would be implemented immediately.

Today's announcement indicates the new NTA policy not be implemented until the USCIS guidance is issued.  The announcement also confirms that USCIS is not currently initiating deportation proceedings for those whose immigration petitions are denied after their I-94 cards expire.

For more information on this new policy please join us on Wednesday, August 1, for a teleconference on this new policy and other updates from the USCIS: REGISTER

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