Sunday, February 15, 2015


AILA regularly checks in with Charlie Oppenheim, who is the Department of State’s guru on Visa Bulletin numbers.  Their most recent Check In with Charlie contains projections for 2015.  Here are his projections for several major visa categories.

India EB-2.  This category had stagnated for a long time until the recent March 2015 Visa Bulletin that progressed the date by 16 months, to January 2007.  Charlie expects that India EB-2 will continue to progress at a very steady rate in the upcoming months.

Philippines EB-3.  Demand for Philippine EB-3 remains lower than expected, which is good news for those in this category.  He does not see the demand on the horizon, which leads to his projection that Philippine EB-3 should run parallel to Worldwide EB-3.  He cautions that if the nursing demand returns, a correction may be required for this category.

Worldwide EB-3. The Worldwide EB-3 has advanced in the past few months in order to spur demand.  If the demand continues to stay soft, the progressions will continue.  If the demand picks up, the Worldwide EB-3 number will slow down.

China EB-2 and EB-3.  Low demand for Chinese family-based visas has buoyed the China EB-2 and EB-3 categories.  The EB-2 continues to run behind the EB-3 category, although the gap between the two appears to be tightening. 


  1. Is there any news about EAD for H4 ? i have Approved I-140 and approved I-140 for my spouse as well.

  2. @Sanj- Not yet. But it has been sent to the OMB, which usually means that an announcement is imminent.


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