Wednesday, October 22, 2014


AILA has again recently dialoged with the Department of State’s Charlie Oppenheim, who is the DOS’ chief for producing the Visa Bulletin.  MU Law has spoken with Mr. Oppenheim several times in the past and have always found that his projections are well thought out and very accurate.

Here are his projections based on his recent conversation with AILA:

EB-2 India
The November 2014 Visa Bulletin retrogressed India EB-2 to February 2005, which was 4 years worse than the October 2014 Visa Bulletin.  Unfortunately, the India EB-2 date is expected to stay in 2005 for the foreseeable future.

EB-3 India
This category should see continued slow movement of about one or two weeks for every Visa Bulletin.

EB-3 Philippines
The EB-3 Philippine’s date is expected to remain the same as the Worldwide EB-3 date for the next several months.  These dates will remain the same unless the demand for the Philippines EB-3 spikes in future months.

EB-2 China
This category should progress three to five weeks for every monthly Visa Bulletin.

EB-3 China
EB-3 China should see rapid promotion of dates in the forthcoming months.

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