Monday, October 6, 2014


The AILA Education Department has scheduled an audio seminar for Thursday, October 9, 2014 @ 2:00 pm (Eastern Time) entitled “Petitions for Nurses and Allied Healthcare Workers.”  MU Law’s Chris Musillo is the Moderator of this audio seminar.  Chris’ co-speakers are with Tiffany Baldwin and Carl Shusterman.

The audio seminar will include these topics:
  • H-1B for Nurses: 2002 and 2014 USCIS Memorandum
  • Using Schedule A for Nurses and Physical Therapists
  • EB-2 Consideration for Healthcare Worker
  • USCIS Reliance on the EDGE Database in Evaluation of Foreign Education
  • The Role of State Licensing and Credentialing in H-1B and PERM Cases
  • Drafting Immigrant Visa Applications for Roving Healthcare Workers
  • Visa Screen: Who Needs It and Why?
The panel has reserved 30 minutes for Questions and Answers at the conclusion of the presentation.

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  1. Thank you to put this news, happy to hear that considering about health care workers.There are health care workers who applied for GC on 2004 onwards,landed in USA, applied for H1B, got rejected, under appeal etc.In fact people have license,visa screen certificate to work in different states like me...
    Hope something will work out,hope for the postitive reply.
    Thank you


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