Friday, June 14, 2013


A Colorado trial started this week in which US Attorneys allege that US citizen Kizzy Kalu lured foreign-educated Nurse Instructors to the US to teach at Adam University, a fictional college.  The US Attorney's claim that the Instructors paid Kalu's company, Foreign Heath Care Professionals Group,  and his business partner $6,500 expecting that they would have H-1B visa approval and Instructor positions that paid them $72,000 per year.  When they arrived in the US, FHCPG put them to work at low paying conventional nursing jobs and had to return part of their paycheck to Kalu or risk having their visas revoked.  

Kalu and his partner, Philip Langerham, were first indicted in March 2012.  Mr. Langerham has since reached a plea deal with the US Attorneys office and appears ready to testify against his ex-partner.

Kalu's attorney claims that the proposed jobs were always expected to be supervisory nursing jobs at long-term care facilities.   Supervisory nursing jobs and Nurse Instructor jobs are often permissible under the H-1B visa program.  FHCPG apparently hired a well-regarded immigration attorney to help with the H-1B processing.  According to the Denver Post, Kalu's defense is that the nurses never intended to adhere to their employment contracts and began fabricating stories in order to maintain valid immigration status.

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