Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy is tasked with reviewing the credibility of foreign educated Physical Therapist's transcripts.  A recent News Item on their webpage says that they will require additional documentation before they will approve any transcript from Indira Gandhi National Open University. 

FCCPT has apparently had a recent submission of fraudulent documents claiming schoolwork from this University.  It is unclear if this was an isolated incident or a repeated problem.  Graduates of Indira Gandhi National Open University should expect a delay in the processing of their FCCPT applications.

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  1. Great way to ruin things and give Indian PT a bad reputation. Already the Committ group out of Hyderabad has been rejected by FCCPT, and now this fraud being committed against a regulatory body like the FCCPT as part of professional licensing process! Indian PT candidates must know that IGNOU is now their only option to get through the General Education Requirements, and this process will take 2-3 years longer for them.


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