Thursday, May 9, 2013


The Senate Judiciary Committee has begun the arduous amendment process. More than 300 amendments have been filed by the Senate Judiciary Committee membership, many by Republicans looking to stop CIR.  The SJC is composed of far less than half of the Senate membership as a whole.  The SJC deliberations are expected to last for about two weeks.  After which, the SJC will take a vote.  

Although some members of the SJC are trying to torpedo the CIR bill, it is still expected to pass the SJC.  From there the Senate as a whole will act on the bill, where it is also expected to pass.  It remains to be seen by how much the bill passes the full Senate.   The greater the margin of passage, the better the likelihood of House action.  A lot hinges on the next several weeks.

MU Law will be in Washington DC next week meeting with Senate and House members' staffs educating them further on employment-based immigration issues, especially for the healthcare community.  We received a lot of positive feedback from our last trip in March.


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  2. Is there any "Schedule A" consideration in CIR

  3. There is in the current version a partial Schedule A consideration in the H-1B context. This helps PTs and is insignificant for 99% of the RNs. We are hoping to get it extended to other areas.

  4. Chris et al,

    We appreciate your advocacy on immigration reform. Does this bill also increase the probability of PTs to obtain an EB2 visa fast?

    Do you personally believe that with this bill, there will be sufficient H1b visa for each fiscal year?



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