Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The Department of State has just released the June 2013 Visa Bulletin.  

This Visa Bulletin showed incredible progress in the EB-3 numbers for All Other and China, each of which moved ahead by more than one year.  China's EB-2 numbers also improved, moving forward by two months.

India's EB-3 finally progressed into 2003, but it looking like a ten year Indian EB-3 retrogression shortly will be with us unless there is Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  India EB-2 remained frozen.

As MU Law mentioned earlier, we expect the Philippine EB-2 number to remain Current or near Current until Spring/Summer 2013, when it should become unavailable as it does most Summers.

June 2013 Visa Bulletin
All Other CountriesChina IndiaPhilippines


  1. Hello Sir

    If minimum education requirement mentioned in ETA 9080 for EB3 Schedule A RN is associate degree in Nursing but the applicant has education equivalent to diploma in nursing with all the other requirements(CGFNS, NCLEX-RN, Visascreen Cert.). Will it affect the USCIS processing, Can USCIS ask for RFE on the same.

  2. @ Yatra- This sounds like a very specific question that the lawyer who filed your case should be able to answer.

  3. I have the following questions :

    1. Does CGFNS accepts clubbed IELTS scores ( if both scores are valid ) ?

    2. Is it necessary to send the academic / license validations to CGFNS it we are renewing the visa screen within 6 months of its expiry ?

    If anybody is having such experiences, please share it with me with your email address



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