Tuesday, April 24, 2012

H-1B CAP COUNT: 25,000

The USCIS has just updated the H-1B Cap Count. The latest H-1B usage numbers are listed in the chart below. MU Law is also listing its estimated dates when the H-1B cap will be reached for each category. We will regularly update the projection.

H-1B Cap Count
Cap TypeAvailable ReceivedUpdated MU Projection
US Masters20,00010,9004/20/20125/20/2012



  1. Hi CHris
    thank you for answering me all the time .I have question about Ds230.How many times should we send ds230 to NVC?I sent them two times .In the first one my husband wrote that he has bachelors degree and in the second one he forgot to write it .Is this a problem ?Do you think that they asssess all ds230 or the last one is important .

  2. This should not be a problem. Thanks for reading, Negaresh!

  3. Thank you Chris and MU Law for the up- to- date information.
    I appreciate all your effort to ease tension of emigrants.


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