Sunday, January 8, 2012


The Department of State has just released the February 2012 Visa Bulletin. The February Visa Bulletin is the fifth Visa Bulletin of US Fiscal Year 2012.

This Visa Bulletin again showed much improvement in the EB-2 categories. The China and India EB-2 numbers jumped another 12 months, and now stand at January 2010. In the last two months these EB-2 numbers have improved almost two years. The February Visa Bulletin notes that:

China and India: Reports from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) indicate that the rate of new filings for adjustment of status in recent months has been extremely low. This fact has required the continued rapid forward movement of the cut-off date, in an attempt to generate demand and maximize number use under the annual limit. Once the level of new filings or USCIS processing increases significantly, it will be necessary to slow or stop the movement of the cut-off. Readers are once again advised that an eventual need to retrogress the cut-off date is also a distinct possibility.

The EB-3 categories had much more modest gains -- a few weeks in all instances.

February 2012 Visa Bulletin
All Other CountriesChina IndiaMexico
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