Friday, January 6, 2012


On Monday CGFNS will begin to offer an Expedited Review Service for their Credentials Evaluation Service (CES). This is an optional service for faster review. CGFNS will charge $150 for Expedited CES, unless the Application has previously been filed and is pending with CGFNS. Applicants with an existing CES can upgrade their CES to Expedited Review for $250.

The Expedited Service will result in a complete report within ten business days, provided that all requisite documents are at CGFNS. If all required documents are not with CGFNS, CGFNS will notify the applicant of any missing or insufficient documents. Once this deficiency is cured, CGFNS will issue the report.

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  1. CGFNS sucks big time. This is just another way of taking money from poor nurses who is trying to get a job for living. When we ordered a CES report, they ask us to put actual hours in transcript, which cannot be done because its not a format of my county’s/school’s transcript. After contacting my school and getting the answer "it cannot be done and never has been done before" CGFNS keeps asking for it and saying that they have received from other applicant. My own cousin got the CES report without any problem from them. So far looks like I have wasted about $400.00 or more for nothing.


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