Friday, May 14, 2010

June Visa Bulletin

The Department of State has just released the June 2010 Visa Bulletin

The relevant dates are:
EB1 – all current
EB2 – all current, except China (22 NOV 05) and India (01 FEB 05)
EB3 – all 22 JUN 03, except India (22 OCT 01) and Mexico (U)

This is slow progress from the last few Visa Bulletins for All Other EB3 Applications. All Other EB3 has increased 9 months since February 2010 Visa Bulletin, when it was 22 SEP 2002. India EB3 has also improved about 4 months since February’s Visa Bulletin (22 JUN 01). Mexican EB3 remains unavailable, as it is expected to be until the end of the fiscal year in September 2010.


  1. Are they short staffed like the healthcare industry? I don't believe there is a shortage of people who need work!!

  2. whatever happened to the predictions that by summer there would be a significant movement in the EB3 category esp for the Phils? Chris, what do you think would be the scenario in the up coming months?Would there be any significant change at all,like PD jumping to 2005 or 2006 even? thanks.

  3. Hello Chris,
    Will there be a possibility that my priority date will be reached on or before the end of the Fiscal Year 2010? My PD is March 2004. Long wait isn't it. Thanks.

  4. hai chris
    POLITICO on 16/05/2010
    "Democratic leaders planned to move immigration reform first"

    do you have any idea,when the bil will be introduce ?


  5. @ Kerry, Jennifer, Helen: I'm preparing a Blog post about the Visa Bulletin. It should be up shortly.

  6. @Pious- I have heard the exact opposite: the immigration is unlikely until at least after the November mid-term elections.


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