Monday, April 12, 2010

May Visa Bulletin

The Department of State has just released the May 2010 Visa Bulletin.

The relevant dates are:
EB1 – all current
EB2 – all current, except China (22 AUG 05) and India (1 FEB 05)
EB3 – all 22 APR 03, except India (01 OCT 01) and Mexico (U)

This is modest progress from the last few Visa Bulletins for All Other EB3 Applications. All Other EB3 has increased 8 months since February 2010 Visa Bulletin, when it was 22 SEP 2002. India EB3 has also improved about 4 months since February’s Visa Bulletin (22 JUN 01). Mexican EB3 has become unavailable.


  1. Hoping for this Sept. 2010 to a huge jump of VB.

  2. Dear Sir

    Is any hope for indian priority date august,2005 in this fiscal year.

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  5. @Zurc & Shibu-

    This past December, the DOS made this predictions for Summer 2010 priority dates:

    China: July through October 2005
    India: February through early March 2005

    Worldwide: April through August 2005
    China: June through September 2003
    India: January through February 2002
    Mexico: January through June 2004
    Philippines: April through August 2005

  6. What the situation with EB5 why can't they put Nurses on this its a bit of a joke really that they add EB5 and make it current. I can't help but think that they seriously don't want skilled workers in the country for some reason. I still can't understand why the problem hasn't been, isn't being addressed if there is a serious shortage??????

  7. Hi Sir,
    My priority date is Dec. 2004, but NVC already asked for visa fee payments and sent packet 3 and we have returned packet 3 documents to them already this april 2010. How come they are processing my case even if my priority date is not current yet. I'm a nurse, under EB3. Thanks in advance. Fe

  8. pagtakhan_fe,

    Maybe what my friend nurse in California told me was true that they were few nurses with their family are coming to U.S. with the PD date of 2004 and 2005.They are not totally posting it to NVC.If that is your case maybe it's true.

  9. Hi Zurc,
    I don't know yet if what will happen after NVC receives my packet 3 documents. But the usual proces should be Packet 4, schedule of medical exam and interview? am I right? But will this happen even if my PD is far to current date?

  10. pagtakhan_fe

    Hello there why are you so suprised that you have received packet 3 etc?? Have you not been reading the blog's etc The USCIS aims to be dealing with 2005 priority dates by the end of the finacial/physical year this september in order for that to happen they would need to process 2004 priority dates?? seems logical to me d:-)


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