Monday, February 8, 2010

March 2010 Visa Bulletin

The Department of State was a little ahead of the game. It has just released the March 2010 Visa Bulletin. The relevant dates are:

EB1 – all current
EB2 – all current, except China (8 JUL 05) and India (1 FEB 05)
EB3 – all 15 DEC 02, except India (01 JUL 01) and Mexico (01 JUL 02)

Changes since February 2010 Visa Bulletin:
EB1 – none
EB2 – slight progress: China (about 6 weeks); India (about one week)
EB3 – notable progress for All Others (about 3 months); slight progress for India (about one week); no progress for Mexico.

Back in December 2009, the
DOS predicted best case scenarios where the cut-off dates would be in the summer 2010.

Those predictions were (with MU comments on the likelihood of meeting this prediction):

China: July through October 2005 (good prediction – July 05 already)
India: February through early March 2005 (good prediction – Feb 05 already)

Worldwide: April through August 2005 (much progress must be made)
China: June through September 2003 (seems reachable)
India: January through February 2002 (seems reachable)
Mexico: January through June 2004 (modest progress is necessary)
Philippines: April through August 2005 (much progress must be made)

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