Tuesday, May 9, 2023


MU Law is pleased to recognize that May 6th to May 12th is National Nurses Week in the United States. National Nurses Week is a weeklong celebration of the significant contributions nurses have and continue to make in America. 

Nurses make up the largest part of the health care workforce, with more than four million registered nurses, almost one million licensed practical nurses, and over 300,000 nurse practitioners nationwide. While it is a large profession, there is still room for more nurses to overcome longstanding staffing shortages and meet growing demand in the future. 

Every day, nurses go above and beyond to provide heroic and life-saving care. At MU we are proud to honor nurses for their amazing dedication and commitment to their patients, their patient’s families, and our nation’s most vulnerable communities.

To all the nurses who read this page, THANK YOU for all that you do!

To read more about the history of National Nurses Week, check out the American Nurses Association’s website.

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