Friday, February 5, 2021

USCIS Delays Wage-Based H-1B Lottery until 2022

In January 2021, the USCIS issued a final rule that would replace the random H-1B cap lottery with a wage-based H-1B selection process. This January 2021 rule was set to go into effect on March 9, 2021 and would apply to the upcoming H-1B cap season (filed in April 2021 for Fiscal Year 2022). However, the USCIS has delayed implementing this rule until December 31, 2021. This means that for the H-1B cap lottery in April 2021, even if there are multiple lottery drawings, none of the drawings will be done under the wage-based selection process.  All lottery drawings in 2021 will be random.  

The new wage-based selection process would select the H-1Bs filed at the highest OES prevailing wage level, starting with Level IV, for the job classification and location of employment.  If there are more than 85,000 Level IV H-1B petitions filed, then the USCIS would hold a lottery just for the Level IV wage petitions.  If there are fewer than 85,000 level IV wage petitions, then the USCIS would run a lottery of the Level III wage petitions for the remaining H-1B spots available. The wage-based selection process then continues for Level II and I, until 85,000 petitions have been selected. 

The USCIS announced February 4, 2021 that the USCIS will delay implementing the wage-based selection process because the USCIS does not have adequate time to develop and test the new wage-based selection process for the 2021 H-1B lottery.  At present, the USCIS plans to have the rule implemented for the H-1B cap season in April 2022 (Fiscal Year 2023).

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