Friday, December 4, 2015


The latest NCLEX Statistics show that the decline in internationally-educated nurses taking the NCLEX examination has abated.  Through the third quarter of 2015, 16,685 first time internationally-educated nurses have taken the NCLEX.  That is up slightly  from 2014 when 15,207 first time internationally-educated nurses had taken the NCLEX through the third quarter. 

The pass rates of first time NCLEX internationally-educated nurses are rising slightly too.  In 2014 28.8% of first time internationally-educated nurses passed the exam.  In 2015, that has risen to 31.5%.  All told, about 4,500 first time internationally-educated nurses are annually taking and passing the exam.  Another 2,000-2,500 or so repeat test takers are also annually passing the exam.  Together, almost 7,000 internationally-educated nurses are annually taking and passing the exam.

These numbers are considerably lower than the peak years of last decade.  In 2006, 20,907 internationally educated RNs passed the NCLEX exam. In 2007, the volume jumped; 22,827 internationally educated nurses passed the NCLEX exam. With the onset of retrogression, 2008 saw a slight decline; 18,905 internationally educated RNs passed the exam.

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