Wednesday, December 17, 2014


AILA holds a regular meeting with the Department of State’s Charlie Oppenheim, who is the DOS’ chief for producing the Visa Bulletin.  MU Law has spoken with Mr. Oppenheim several times in the past and have always found that his projections are well thought out and very accurate.

India EB-2.  Mr. Oppenheim suggests that India EB-2 may slightly progress in the first-half of 2015.  Historically the Visa Office has waited until the summer to advance the India EB-2 date.

China EB-3.  China EB-3 is expected to continue to advance since demand has not yet been exceptional.   However, as more and more China EB-2 applicants “downgrade” their Application to EB-2, advancement will slow.

President Obama’s Recent Executive Action.  The Visa Office reminds users that the President’s Executive Action is not expected to have any impact on the Visa Bulletin.  While the Executive Action suggests that Adjustment of Status applications will be able to be filed much earlier in the green card process, these “pre-filings” will not impact the priority dates.


  1. When people here in USA with approved I-140 can file for I-485 and EAD?
    Thank you

  2. Hi Sanj- No news at this time. I do not expect to announce anything until mid-2015.

  3. Hi MU Law

    Did Mr.Oppenheim mention China EB-2 as well?

  4. Hi Mao - Only in the context of the EB3 dates. He did not offer a projection on China EB-2 itself, other than he expects it to continue to lag behind EB-3 for the foreseeable future.

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