Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The Alliance for Ethical Recruitment was formed in 2009 as a result of a funding grant from the MacArthur Foundation.  There always are perceived recruitment abuses in the international arena.  Some of these perceptions are borne out of very real abusive behavior.  Some of these perceptions are borne out of hysteria and junk statistics

The Alliance has tried for several years to root out the former.  It has struggled to gain traction.  Despite the Alliance’s efforts, only four employers have endorsed the Alliance Code of Ethical Recruitment, only one of which has joined since the pilot phase ended in 2010.  The AAIHR (of which MU Law is a member) also has a Code of Ethics, which has been more accepted by the industry. 

The Alliance is now about to shift gears.  CGFNS, who have long been involved in international nurse matters, will be operating the Alliance.  The Alliance will now be managed by Mukul Bakhshi, JD. 

The official launch of this new phase of the Alliance will take place at a reception in January at a location in Washington, D.C.

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