Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The American public newscaster, PBS, recently broadcast a piece on the migration of nurses to the US.  The segment focused on the H-1B nursing scheme that resulted in a guilty verdict in 2013.  The scheme was deplorable and the guilty verdict was warranted based on the facts of the case.

The PBS video focusses on the worst recruiters and the worst abusers of the system.  It also misses a big point – if the US visa system allowed for nurses to enter the US in a reasonable amount of time then these poachers would not be able to use scam tactics to attract desperate nurses. 

Ethical codes are one good measure.  Codes like the one used by the AAIHR insure fairness to all stakeholders in the system: nurses, recruiters, facilities, and patients.  If you are a nurse seeking to come to the US, MU Law suggests that you dutifully research the practices of your recruiter.  Make sure that they are acting in an ethical fair manner. 

The good news: many of the nurses highlighted in the segment had great results and are now fulfilling their American dream. 

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