Monday, March 25, 2013


The American Health Care Association (AHCA) outlined its core principles for immigration reform in a March 12, 2013 Press Release. 

The AHCA recommends that these principles shape immigration reform:

1.       Let business and industry play a leading role. The long term and post-acute care profession is one of the largest job creators in the country and is willing and able to help drive solutions with Congress. Members of the long term care community employ immigrants and boost the economy. Any visa program must give employers, not the government, the primary say in which workers they need to staff their businesses. In addition, the labor market should also have the primary say in how many workers enter the country annually in a legal program.

2.       Create a viable guest worker program that would accommodate the needs of U.S. healthcare providers. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) projects that, absent aggressive intervention, the supply of nurses in America will fall 36 percent (more than 1 million nurses) below requirements by the year 2020.  AHCA urges the inclusion of allowing employers access to previously unused H-1B temporary work visas for nurses and physical therapists. 

3.       Waive the cap on employment-based visas for nurses and physical therapists, speech therapists and those providing other therapies. The current temporary and permanent visa programs are insufficient and inadequate to accommodate the needs of U.S. health care providers. The permanent residence program provides approximately 5,000 annual visas for essential workers. Clearly, current programs cannot handle our continuing need for foreign-born, essential caregivers.


  1. Sounds good definately a step in the right direction :-)

  2. Hello Sir,
    Can you please explain me about credential evaluation.Does CGFNS/ICHP do credential evaluation of academic certificates before awarding Visa credential/visascreen certificate (after passing CGFNS and English score)?.

    I mean , does someone need academic credential evaluation again( from CGFNS) who already posses valid Visasceen certificate/visa credential certificate for the purpose of Schedule A nurse I-140 filling at USCIS?

  3. @Laynu - Yes - definitely a positive statement.

  4. @Yatra - If you have a state license and you have the CGFNS Visa Screen, then you have everything that you need.

  5. Dear Sir, my wife passed successfully CGNFS and IELTS. Now in November 2013, the IELTS get expired, yeah, she is waiting for around 5 years now. Her Petition date is 28, june 2008, in that case, what is your recommendation for her situation? what are the expectations for the time span (in months) to reach our petition date?

  6. It will be several years before her case is current unfortunately. (Unless positive legislation is passed). She will need a valid Visa Screen at that time.

  7. Hi,Sir.May I ask what is Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fee Bill Invoice which I received recently from NVC via E-mail? I'm on EB3 Phil. and my PD is still a long way @ 21/03/2008. Am I meant to pay this even though Visa is still retrogress? Your advice is much appreciated.

  8. @Ultrasonic- you should check with the attorney on the case for this kind of specific advice.


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