Tuesday, May 22, 2012

H-1B CAP COUNT: 42,000

The H-1B cap count has passed the halfway mark. 42,000 H-1B cap-subject petitions have been received as of May, 11, which is the most recent USCIS update. MU currently is projecting that the H-1B cap of 65,000 will be reached around June 8.

MU clients are encouraged to initiate their H-1B Petitions by May 25 in order to insure that their H-1B cap-subject petitions are received at the USCIS before the deadline.

Employees that need a "cap-subject" H-1B include:

* International students working on an EAD card under an OPT or CPT program after having attended a U.S. school

* International employees working on a TN may need an H-1B filed for them in order for them to pursue a permanent residency (green card) case

* Prospective international employees in another visa status e.g. H-4, L-2, J-1, F-1

* H-1B workers with a cap exempt organization

* Prospective international employees currently living abroad

H-1B Cap Count
Cap TypeAvailable ReceivedUpdated MU Projection
US Masters20,00016,0005/18/20126/1/2012



  1. Hello, I as a BSN nurse that trained & studied here in the USA (Unfortunately getting a nursing job for F1 student and filling are becoming difficult), i am currently studying (via F1 visa) for my Masters in Community Health Education, will be done by year's end. I was wondering if this masters degree will qualify me for H1B visa? Thanks for all your updates and keeping us all informed,

  2. Hi Nikki- Your degree qualifies you for an H-1B, but there is more to the analysis. You have to be offered a position that REQUIRES a Bachelors Degree (or greater) by a US employer. My sense is (unfortunately) that there are not too many job in the US in nursing that meet this requirement. Good luck.


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