Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last week, MU Law notified its clients of a USCIS policy change, in which the USCIS was sending I-797 Approval Notices to Petitioners and Beneficiaries, instead of sending these documents to the Petitioners and Beneficiaries' designated representatives and lawyers.

In a quick break from this policy, USCIS Director Mayorkas announced that the USCIS will revert back to the long-standing policy of sending I-797 Approval Notices to the Petitioners and Beneficiaries' representatives and lawyers. MU Law applauds this reversion of policy. The USCIS is often lambasted for ill-thought out policy. It is therefore only right to highlight when they make the right decision.


  1. Hi Chris
    I appreciate your all effort in this blog for us.
    what percent do you think that H.R3012 will become a law ?and when ?
    You emailed me that it will have a small impact in EB3ROW but i heard that it can cause 2 years delay for us .
    Please send me your opinion

  2. Hi Negaresh, I would say that the chances of it passing are low, less than 25%. But mine is an uninformed opinion, since MU is not involved in lobbying for 3012.

    The transitional component is designed to make the effect on present EB3ROW smaller than most are saying.


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