Wednesday, April 20, 2011


With President Obama's re-election campaign beginning in earnest, he is anxious to court immigration-friendly voters. These voters tend to live in important states such as Florida, Texas, and California. The President is far from a sure thing to be re-elected. The President's greatest "strength" right now, is the lack of compelling Republican challenger.

In order to burnish his credibility with these pro-immigration voters who could sway a tight election, the President yesterday met with high-profile immigration-friendly people, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, all who have called on the President to lead on immigration reform.

Unfortunately, no serious analysts believe that the President is doing anything other than paying lip-service to immigration reform, despite needed visa liberalization in shortage occupations, such as Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Registered Nursing.

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  1. A difficult one this even if he did purse it would he get the support need to get a bill past. Everything else he has tried has been the same there trying to repeal his healthcare reform. I'm still happy to bring my family across the pond but I ain't getting any younger!


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