Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FSBPT to have fixed testing for all applicants

The FSBPT has just announced that they will be using a fixed test date for all applicants regardless of country of education or nationality. The FSBPT’s web-page posting makes clear that this was in part in response to their unsuccessful defense of the NPTE-i program in Georgia. The fixed test dates for 2011 are:

· September 7, 2011 (Wednesday)

· October 20, 2011 (Thursday)

· December 5, 2011 (Monday)

In 2012, the FSBPT has committed to five testing days.

In February a Georgia judge ruled that the FSBPT's previous NPTE-i testing scheme violated Georgia law. The Georgia judge’s decision did not address whether or not the NPTE-i violated Georgia discrimination and due process Constitutional issues. Those issues may be addressed in an appeal, should the FSBPT chose to appeal the Georgia court’s decision.

To some degree an appeal would be moot in light of the FSBPT’s actions today. MU commends the FSBPT for producing a fair and equitable testing system.

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