Thursday, October 28, 2010

AAIHR to sue FSBPT over Discrimination Policy

The AAIHR just has announced that it will be pursuing a legal strategy against the FSBPT. The AAIHR has been working with several Attorneys General (AG) offices in strategic states to outline the governance issues and vulnerability of the states based on the FSBPT action. It also has hired litigation counsel, Latham and Watkins, a major litigation firm. The litigation counsel has prepared a Complaint against Georgia and FSBPT on behalf on plaintiffs. The Complaint will be filed soon.

If the lawsuit in Georgia is successful, it likely will end the FSBPT’s discriminatory test administration policy. AG's offices in several states have been contacted and made aware of the AAIHR’s position. Many states have expressed off-the-record concern about the FSBPT’s actions. Because of the deliberate nature of the state’s AG’s offices, the AAIHR has chosen the litigation path.

The AAIHR is looking for additional members to support their action. If you can contribute financially, please contact AAIHR President, Patty David.

MU is an associate member of the AAIHR and has been working with the AAIHR to outline the legal strategy. We have donated both time and funding to the effort.

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