Wednesday, March 17, 2010

English testing waived for certain Visa Screen renewals

CGFNS recently announced that renewal applicants do not have to take another approved English exam for renewal of their Visa Screen certificate if they have been employed in the US for at least 27–36 months — including nine months of the year before the date an applicant submits the renewal application. Applicants will need to have their employer submit an employment summary on corporate letterhead with the appropriate signature for the English requirement to be waived.


  1. Hi Chris,

    My visa screen will expire on august 2010 and that will be my 21st month working experience here in US. So I am few months short with the CGFNS requirements. Is it possible that I will just let my visa screen expires and just wait for a few months before renewing my visa screen until I am qualified for the requirement of 27-36 months of working experience here in US?

  2. Hi Ray-

    That's a question that you should direct to CGFNS.

  3. is there any seperate form for english waiver to be completed by employer


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