Friday, January 8, 2010

The Next Decade's Jobs

Where are the next decade’s American jobs? The answer is undoubtedly healthcare. Four of the next decade’s top 10 occupations with the largest growth are in health care, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study reported by National Public Radio.

Leading the pack is Registered Nursing. The US economy expects to demand over a half million RNs (22%) in the next ten years, at an average salary over $60,000 per year. Immigration traditionally has been used to fill obvious US supply shortages. Americans opinions on immigration differ, but after looking at the objective employment numbers, liberalized immigration for healthcare workers ought to be something everyone can agree on.


  1. Hi Chris
    I'm fully aware that you don't have a glass ball but I would like to know how long you think it will be for those with 2009 priority dates begin recieving there DS230's

    This is assuming that CIR goes through. I just need to get an idea so I can make plans. I have the feeling that it wouldn't be in 2010 am I right?

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  3. Hello Kerry, I think if CIR will not be approved, I think you'll be waitiing for years. I myself is still here, my PD is 2004. Still waiting for my PD to become current.

  4. Thanks for reply Kelly are you in the Worldwide category?

    If you have a 2004 PD you should be packing your bags soon as they predict that by end of the fiscal year they will be dealing with 2005 PD hope you get there. I'm going to be seeing what other opportunities are available to me.

  5. hi friends

    "Healthcare reform could boost employment by 250,000 to 400,000 a year this decade."

    link: on january 8,2010 and on january 2010

    I think after healthcare reform ,nursing immigration is one of the strong subject in us congress and that is become a law...isn't chris?


  6. Hi Kelly,
    Just like Kerry, I too has a PD 2004 but still waiting for PD's to be current. I'm in the Worldwide category. Think of any options , US is I think our dream but that stays as a dream until a bill will benefit us healthcare workers. So why not try others countries first, and later when visa will become available I think we can still have our American dream later. Maybe we can still have many opportunities out their waiting for us while waiting for US to employ us.

  7. Helen and Kelly
    Even without healthcare reform based on USCIS perdictions with 2004 PD you should be getting all your paper work through this year. So isn't any point in going somewhere else it would surely complicate things for you as most hospitals want at least a 2year contract which you wouldn't be able to fulfill

    I'm considering other places as I have 2009 PD

  8. Hi Kerry,
    I've been through many retrogressions.The last time that my PD was current is 2008 before it retrogress so far to 2002. By that time, I've waited for the schedule of my interview last April 2009 I think, but again it retrogress again to 2002. I'm really depress and and now I still do hope for he best but not a 100% anymore.Maybe, we should have a lot of patience to survive, for us to see America.

  9. I'm Sorry to hear that I was under the impression that once your date becomes current it would never get re-retrogressed.
    Its clear then that we ain't likely to see US soil anytime soon with 2009 PD.

    I didn't realise the USCIS was that bad seems like CIR is more urgent than I thought. Keep your eyes open for opportunities in Haiti in the re-development.

    My heart goes out to them all.


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