Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Reading

CIR ASAP (HR 4321) has been published. I have uploaded a copy of it to my docstoc page. Please feel free to download, share, print out, or otherwise distribute. At 640+ pages, it is lengthy.

The Library of Congress’ Thomas database has a hyperlinked version that is better to use if you’re just trying to focus on any one section. The important sections for Healthcare immigration are Chapter I, Title III.

Sec. 301 – Recaptures past unused visa numbers
Sec. 302 – Exempts LPR dependents from the IV quotas.
Sec. 303 – Slightly increases the per country quotas.
Sec. 320 – Provides IV cap exemptions for certain STEM and shortage occupations
Sec. 321 – Allows those with pending IVs to file Adjustment of Status even if their priority date is not current.

Happy Holiday reading!

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