Friday, November 6, 2009

Increasing demand for Advance Practice Nurses

The NY Times Prescriptions blog is an excellent source for information on the Healthcare debate that is raging in the US. Congress and the President presently are debating who will qualify for health issuance, how the insurance will be funded, and how health services will be delivered.

Today’s Prescriptions’ post highlights that Nurse Practitioners will surely be a growing field in the US. As noted in the NYT blog, “the American Academy of Family Practitioners projects a shortfall of 40,000 physician generalists — family practitioners, pediatricians, general internists and geriatricians — by 2020, even without significant changes to the current health care system.” Other graduate level nursing education is also likely to be in greater demand in the next decade.

Because of this demand, and because of the relatively easy H-1B nonimmigrant visa option for Advance Practice Nurses, the safest path to US immigration is to obtain Advance Practice Certification. For staffing companies and recruiters, Advance Practice Nursing is the next need.

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  1. Hello Chris,

    When the Healthcare Reform Bill is signed by the President, dont you think the demand for RNs will also increase? Any hope for the lobysts, AAIHR etc pusing for HR 2536 even if the CIR is not passed between Jan and June 2010?


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