Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wexler to resign

Rep. Wexler (D-FL) is expected to resign his Congressional seat. He expected to leave Congress in order to work for a nonprofit whose aim is to promote peace in the Middle East.

Rep. Wexler is the primary sponsor of HR 2536, the Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act. HR 2536 has failed to gain traction in Congress this term, garnering only 4 co-sponsors. Last term a similar bill had over 20 co-sponsors.

The news isn’t as dire as it might seem. The most likely positive scenario is that the ENSRA is folded into Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Senate Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee Chairman Charles Schumer (D-NY) had planned to introduce CIR legislation in September. He has since changed tact and wants to first get GOP support for a possible bipartisan bill. He is working behind the scenes to do so.


  1. Hi Cris! What are now the updates for nurses waiting for their visa? My PD is actually 2004 and still here stocked up in the Philippines. My first employer closed before my interview in the embassy way back 2005 and now I found a new employer and they recaptured my first PD for my first application. But its very sad that I went through regrogression for nth time now. Now I'm documentary qualified at the NVC but still waiting for visa to become available. Do you have a rough estimate when visa will become available. My Visa Screen will expire on 2011. I've spent so much in the past for my reviews and everything but there is still a big question mark if I'll be able to reach US in the near future or stay here in the Philippines forever....Thanks Cris..

  2. Hi Chris,
    So what happens to H.R. 2536?
    Is it considred dead after resignation of main sponsor of the bill?
    The outline of immigration bill by Mr.GutiƩrrez doesnt mention anything about a bill for nurses. Even in the past the issue of nurses has never been his concern.
    I do think It is big and sad news. The speaking and presentation abilties of Mr. Wexler would be deeply missed by nursing community.
    Who do you think would be a voice for nurse legislation? John shadegg? Mr. schumer?

  3. @Helen-

    If your PD is 2004, my sense is that you'll get your visa in the next 12 months even if 2536 is never signed into law. Good luck!

  4. @ Desibigb:

    I know that there is still an active lobbying effort (in fact MU just sent in its check to the lobbyists). I'm confident that the Schumer bill will have some componenet of retrogression relief.

  5. Hi Chis,
    Wow, I'm very much relieved really to hear that there is a possibility that I can have my visa within the next 12 months even if 2536 is not signed. This really gave me hope to just wait. It's really great hearing from you...Thanks


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